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We Evaluate and Analyze the Economic & Social Trends of the Consumers Surrounding EVERY Business Address
Understand Change

The “Great Recession” has changed the make-up and spending mentality of your customer base. As a business owner/operator, it is your job to understand who your new/different customer is and position your business to profit in this new economic environment. Catalyst Analytics is here to help.

Identify Economic & Social Changes Affecting Your Customers Spending Habits

  • Economically challenged households are being replaced by larger, financially stable households in many neighborhoods
  • Baby Boomers have moved out of their peak earning/spending years and are focused on retirement
  • Generation X will boost their earning and spending capacity over the next 10 years
  • Mobile households (renters, Echo Boomers, Singles, etc…) are moving to smaller communities with diversified, stable, employment opportunities
The performance of your local housing market has a profound effect on consumer spending. Learn more from the Peanut Heads in the video above.
Use the 3L Score to Evaluate & Analyze the Consumers Surrounding Your Business Location(s)!The 3L Score’s proprietary algorithms analyze 9.6 billion bits of fresh data from over 30 data bases and resources in less than 60 seconds for ANY address in the United States. The 3L Score gives you a clear picture of the make-up, economic status and spending mentality of the neighborhoods that surround and support your business location(s). View the demo video below and then contact us at (888) 600-2370 to learn more!
  • Evaluate any address in the United States in a matter of seconds.

  • Custom designed snapshot of the condition and make-up of the customers supporting your current business address.

  • Gain insight to recent significant business changes you have experienced.

  • Take a proactive approach to measuring and identifying your “at-risk” locations.

  • Recognize immediately the big differences between locations.

  • Develop perspective as to the NEW and DIFFERENT customers who will support your business moving forward.

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